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Welcome To Ascent Integrated Medicine: NoVa's Knee, Back Joint Pain Clinic

At Ascent Integrated Medicine: NoVa's Knee, Back Joint Pain Clinic, we are dedicated to helping patients like you become pain-free by attaining true functional improvement, not merely suppressing symptoms with the use of highly addictive opioids or other drugs. Our main goal is to offer Responsible Pain Management through a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to care, in the very experienced and practiced hands of a variety of healthcare providers. We will give you your life back while never resorting again to pain medications or unnecessary surgery!

About Our Office

At Ascent Integrated Medicine: NoVa's Knee, Back Joint Pain Clinic we provide relief to patients suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, sciatica, back pain, and broad joint discomfort such as hip and knee pain. Because of their significant training in diagnosing both chronic and acute pain, our highly skilled physician our well know in the area for providing responsible pain management for chronic pain sufferers without relying on pain medication or invasive procedures.

Even if patients have had previous unsuccessful treatments, patients frequently find the support they need at our clinic, where our compassionate staff is dedicated to providing pain relief and offering treatment choices for all of our patients.

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Welcoming New Patients

We’re always looking forward to meeting new patients at our clinic. When you first visit us, we will make it our number one goal to have you healthy again as quickly as we can. Every time that you enter our doors, we will evaluate how the last session went so that every appointment is a step in the right direction. No matter how you hurt yourself, we will find a way to safely help you.

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Amir Ahmadiyar completed his graduate studies in chiropractic in Toronto, Canada in 1991 from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, upon which he joined his family in the United States and started practicing chiropractic in New Jersey. In 1992, Dr. Ahmadiyar relocated from New Jersey to Northern Virginia and within a short time established his own clinic in Falls Church, Virginia. The clinic is called Greater Falls Church Chiropractic & Acupuncture Wellness Center.

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